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Stress on Relationships

Ready for a fresh start in 2021? We get it. With so much time spent at home due to COVID-19, you may get a little irritated with your partner or household members. 

Whether you’re bickering about politics, homeschooling, holidays or dirty dishes, there are opportunities to work on your relationship skills. Keep your relationship healthy and your conversations constructive by following these tips in any argument:

Know why you are arguing before you start.

Devote some time to resolving the problem.

Sit down and make eye contact.

Speak personally about what you feel.

Acknowledge when the other person makes a valid point.

Agree to differ if you cannot agree.

Stick to the matter at hand.

Cease arguing and separate if there is any likelihood of violence.
Behave aggressively or disrespectfully.

Argue deliberately to hurt the other person’s feelings.


Bring up old unresolved disputes.

Walk away without deciding when the discussion will be resumed (unless violence threatens).

Bring other peoples’ opinions in.

Argue about something for more than an hour.

Argue late at night or after drinking.

For complex relationship issues, counseling or coaching can be a great option to allow each person to talk through their feelings and emotions with a neutral third party. Talk to your doctor or call the behavioral health number on the back of your health insurance card to speak with a Mindful Advocate.

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