Management Resources

The tools to create a healthy workplace

At Blue KC, we care about what you care about: your people. Mindful by Blue KC supports your organization’s efforts to create a workplace that values behavioral health. We have workshops for managers, training for HR leaders, a wealth of well-being resources, and more.

It’s a fact. Companies that promote behavioral health are more likely to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and profitability.

Your company can be one of them.


Mental Health First Aid at Work

Mental Health First Aid at Work is a workplace training program that teaches participants how to notice and support an individual who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use concern or crisis and connect them with the appropriate employee resources. Mental Health First Aid at Work is a skills-based, experiential and evidence-based practice offered in partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health and Johnson County Mental Health.

To inquire about scheduling this workshop, contact Emily Snow, LMSW, MHSA, Director of Behavioral Health Initiatives at Blue KC.

Building An Emotionally Healthy Workplace

The emotional well-being of your employees impacts how they cope with daily stress to stay productive. Building an emotionally healthy workplace increases productivity, reduces absenteeism and lowers overall turnover. This workshop will focus on simple practices you can do to build an emotionally healthy workplace to support your team’s overall behavioral health, well-being and performance.

To inquire about scheduling this workshop, contact Emily Snow, LMSW, MHSA, Director of Behavioral Health Initiatives at Blue KC.


Services and trainings for human resource leaders

Training – it’s something all organizations set out to do, but many can have a hard time prioritizing given other work responsibilities. Your Mindful by Blue KC Well-Being Resources can help. We offer a wide array of courses designed to improve employee’s personal and professional lives. Whether your business has something in place already, or needs to start from scratch, lean on your Well-Being Resources to get your organizational development off the ground. By taking full advantage of your Well-Being Resources, your employees will benefit in many ways – becoming more productive, happy and focused in their daily lives.

Talk with your colleagues to determine what topic(s) will best benefit your team. When you’re ready to schedule, call
833-302-MIND (6463), or the behavioral health phone number on the back of your member ID card, then press 3 to talk with a Management Consultation Services representative about your training needs.

Trainings cover an array of topics including:

Daily Living:                                     
Living off your paycheck; Managing money in tough times; Tax tips

Family and Caregiving:                                       
Caring for an aging parent/loved one; Substance use and a loved one; Teaching children resiliency; Bullying and social media

Health and Wellness:                                          
Healthy tips for business travel; Sleep 101; Emotional eating; Fitness tips for busy professionals

Management Essentials:                                           
Coaching for performance; Communicate like a leader; Responding to urgent and high risk situations; Sexual harassment prevention

Personal Development:                                          
A balanced retirement life; Conflict resolution; Lighten up – use humor to keep perspective

Professional Development:                                          
Communicate professionally; Compassion fatigue for HR; Coping with crisis; Diversity and inclusion   

Well-being Resources

Well-being resources to help managers and their employees

Managing staff can be a rewarding and difficult responsibility. As part of your Mindful by Blue KC Well-Being Resources, company leaders have access to telephone coaching, education, training and formal management referrals to help supervisors address employee performance challenges and find opportunities to improve their team’s skill sets. Employer services include things like online resources, help addressing critical incidents, account management and organizational consultation.

Want to learn more?

Talk with a Management Consultation Services Representative about opportunities to help you build your team, or how best to address a situation. Call 833-302-MIND (6463), or the behavioral health number on that back of your member ID card, then press 3 when prompted.

Well-Being Resources Overview
A Full List of Well-Being Resources & Support Services

Employee Education

Mindful by Blue KC Playbook

Many employees live with behavioral health issues, and yet don’t get the help they need. Not only can this take a serious toll on physical health, it can have a devastating impact on the quality of both work lives and personal lives.

The good news is, employees enrolled in a Blue KC medical plan now have access to new and enhanced behavioral health services as part of Mindful by Blue KC.

The Mindful by Blue KC Playbook is available to help you educate your employees on a variety of important topics, all with a sample communication plan, plus direct downloads to each recommended communication. So you can easily distribute these communications to your employees. You can access everything you need via the How-to Guide.